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03. März 2009
Als neuer Bürgermeister der Jahn- und Weinstadt Freyburg a. d. Unstrut
wurde Udo MÄNICKE (Foto, li.) gewählt.

Er löst nach 18-jähriger, erfolgreicher Tätigkeit Martin BERTLING ab, dessen wirksames Engagement auch für die Jahntraditionen der Unstrutstadt, die Partnerschaft zur Jahngesellschaft sowie die jährlichen Janturnfeste in bleibender Erinnerung

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The Mayor of Freyburg!
Martin Bertling
Mayor of Freyburg

2002, June
"Greetings to all GYMmedia site visitors around the world.
Following Friedrich Ludwig Jahn's debut world-wide on the web site in 1998, which received a lot of recognition around the world, Freyburg - the Jahn town - would like to further the care of Jahn Heritage by adding a few pages on the internet.
The complete website of the city of Freyburg you will find under www.freyburg-info.de  

Grandfather of Gymnastics
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn
(1778 - 1852)

At the beginning of the year 1999, Freyburg was officially recognised as a 'health resort'. The town, which is already known for being both a wine town and wine growers town in the Saale-Unstrut region, is also taking on the role of organisers of the '77th Jahn Gymnastics Festival 1999, an unique event in apparatus gymnastics.
Here, in the final place that the 'Father of Gymnastics' worked, great progress has been made in the renovation and restoration of Jahn memorials in the last ten tears, memorials, which really suit the picturesque bachground of the town of Freyburg, the town on the banks of the Unstrut river.
Places of unique cultural and historical value, such as the Jahn Museum, Jahn Hall of Honour and the Historical Gymnasium are evidence of the town's goal of attraction an ever-increasing number of gymnastics enthusiasts to the town.
This invitation goes out to all gymnastics clubs in the world from Freyburg, via internet:
Come and visit us, trace the footsteps of the 'Father of Gymnastics' or simply come and taste a drop of Saale-Unstrut wine or have a glass of 'Rotkaeppchen' Sparkling wine, which, by the way, also natures within our town walls.
Whatever you do, don't miss our famous 'Wine Festival', which traditionally takes place on the 2nd weekend in September every year.
... and in August every year, since 1901, more than 1,700 apparatus gymnasts do their bit for Jahn Heritage in a sporting way by taking part in the gem of a gymnastic event which you shouldn't miss: 2002, August, the
23rd - 25th!
Well, surf on the internet first, then we'll look forward to your visit,

Yours sincerely,
Martin Bertling
Mayor of Freyburg - Wine and Jahn town.

The Vice President of the German Gymnastics Federation Mr. Hans-Juergen Zacharias marked out the Mayor of Freyburg, Mr. Martin Bertling in 1999
with the highest distinction of DTB, the


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