7. April 2005
Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Happy Gymnastics

The Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (MGF) hopes that the Education Ministry will consider introducing gymnastrada (general gymnastics) as a demonstration sport in the 2007 SIPMA Games in Kedah.
While MGF secretary N. Shanmugarajah did not dispute the decision to exclude gymnastics, he hopes the Malaysian ministry will be favourable in their decision to include gymnastrada in future Games as the sport has mass appeal.
Negri Sembilan (... is a federation of states (9) on the West coast of peninsular...

28. März 2005
Las Palmas / Gran Canaria
Happy Gymnastics

On March 26th and 27th the Organizing Committee of the 1st Golden Age Gym Festival 2005, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, ESP and the representatives from the Commission General Gymnastics UEG, Rogerio Valerio and Jesús Telo Rodríguez met in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) for the coordination of the activities and to supervise the actual status of the preparations. The participants were surprised about the active echo of this new UEG event within the European Gymnastics Federations.
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28. März 2005
Lausanne, Las Palmas
Happy Gymnastics

.. a new test event: 1st Golden Age Festival
In the UEG Newsletter 1/2005, Jeannette Häusler - the UEG President of the Technical Committee of General Gymnastics - comes back on the basic principles of general gymnastics and its possibilities and opportunities of development throughout Europe.
The 1st Golden Age Gym Festival (Gran Canaria), new event proposed as test event this year by the UEG to its member Federations is based on a concept that was...

5. Dezember 2004
Gran Canaria / Spain
Happy Gymnastics

Festival with heart!
A highlight of the different shows and events of the BLUME Gran Canaria Festival 2004 were the sports acrobats from Berlin/ Germany of the club TuS Hellersdorf. With their beautiful acrobatics show they are also ambassadors of another large general gymnastics event which takes place next year, the International German Gymnastics Festival 2005 in Berlin.
Included in a performance of wheelchair- dancers from Munich (GER) together with German junior gymnasts from Cottbus were greetings of...

28. November 2004
Maspalomas / Gran Canaria
Happy Gymnastics

Großer Anreisetrubel herrscht heute im Hotel Beverly Park im Urlauberort Playa del Ingles an der Südspitze der Ferieninsel Gran Canaria.
Noch blinzeln die Ankommenden unter Palmen erstaunt in die Sonne und genießen die 26 ° Lufttemperatur, direkt am Strand des Atlantik. Eingetroffen sind auch einige der besten Nachwuchsturner Deutschlands, wie Philipp BOY, Kai Werner und Michael Hau sowie der WM-Dritte am Doppelmititramp Nico Gärtner, alle vom SC Cottbus, die neben sicherlich erholsamen Stunden auch in verschieden Shows...