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80. JAHN MEMORIAL 2002, 23 - 25 August

- three month after the 31st "Deutsches Turnfest" in Leipzig 2002 -

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Turnvater JAHN

  • FREYBURG/Unstrut
    Town of Jahn and Wine

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    Guests from Israel
    President Gudrun Steinbach with the benefaction for the flood catastrophe...

    Klaus Köste:
    Olympic Champion (1972), Turngestival Champion (2002)

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80 Anniversary was a Big Success

  In the town of Jahn FREYBURG (Saxonia-Anhalt) took place the 80th anniversary of the traditional "Jahn Memorial". Gymnasts of all age groups from 15 to hundred years were active at the apparatusses. The guests came from 19 German country federations, but also from other European clubs. The traditional German club TSV Meissen came with a big delegation, although their gym was destroyed through the flood catastrophe. They need help, to continue their training ....

The oldest participant and winner in his age category was the 93 old Albert Jakob from the VfL Waiblingen. He was also the Turngest winner in May 2002 in Leipzig and will celebrate his 94th birthday in coming October.

All together 1,822 participants celebrated a big party of open air artistic gymnastics of all age groups, from fiffteen to 93 years, but also competitions of Group Dance and Aerobic.
The stars were the guests from Israel: The "Group Sufa" from Ramla and ste "Studio Getz" from Rosh Hayn with their very dynamic and powerfull performances.
To the first time a polish sportsman took part at the Jahn Cross Race: 
The 17 years old Andrzej Kolodziejczyk from Ostrow Maz (100 km in the north of Warczawa) needed 54 minutes about the 11 kilometers Jahn Race.

The participants gave 1,500,- EURO benefaction for the sacrifice of the flood catastrophe in Germany. 
So the gym hall of the traditional club TSV Meissen is destroyed totally! They needs 100,000 EURO only for the new inlaid floor and a complete new set of apparatusses...

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80th Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Memorial 2002

  Statisticss 2002 (update15. 08. 2002)
172 clubs will participate at the Jahn Memorial 2002.In the 150th year of death of the Grandfather of Gymnastics Friedrich Ludwig Jahn the active gymnasts and guests will come from all together 19 German gymnastics country federations of DTB.  But also international guests will come to Freyburg, the Jahn town again, like from Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Israel.
It will be a sensational premier, if the guests will really come from Africa: An acrobatic and Dance Club wishes to come...! 

The oldest participants (update: 15.08.02):

> Women:

Ingeborg Kaatz   29. 12. 1924           77 Jahre    HSG DHfK Leipzig
Johanna Quass  20. 11. 1925           76 Jahre    SV Halle
Anita Moschke   06. 07. 1931           71 Jahre    TSV Einheit Kamenz
Helena Schulze  20. 11. 1931           70 Jahre    Grün-Weiß 90 Erfurt
> Men:

Albert Jakob       02. 10. 1908           93 Jahre    VfL Waiblingen
Otto Leibnitz      23. 10. 1918           83 Jahre    HSG DHfK Leipzig
Willi Pleuß         09. 08. 1919           83 Jahre   Tsch. Mönchengladbach Neuwerk
Paul Jähnigen      06. 01. 1921          81 Jahre   SG Spergau
Willi Schraitle      05. 03. 1921          81 Jahre   VfL Waiblingen
Friedrich Mäurer   10. 12. 1922          79 Jahre    TV Schwanenberg
Dr. Paul Reiter     03. 02. 1923          79 Jahre    TV Markkleeberg
Hartwig Reichert  20. 04. 1926           76 Jahre    TSV Werdau


FREYBURG (Unstrut):
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