25. Juli 2018
Shanghai, CHN
Happy Gymnastics

Launched in 1997, the FISAC-IRSF World Rope Skipping Championships is an international event held biyearly that welcome skippers at every level from all over the world. This year, the 2018 FISAC - IRSF World Rope Skipping Championships (WC2018) take place in Shanghai, China from July 24 to August 2, with the aim to promote rope skipping as a beneficial fitness activity , as well as to engage and excite the interest of young people in skipping. It's to host...

21. Juli 2018
Liege, BEL
Happy Gymnastics

In the hot summer of 2018, from July 14 to 20, thousands of gymnasts coloured the streets of the Belgian city of Liege!
The European Gymnatics Federation (UEG) hosted, in cooperation with the Royal Belgian Gymnastics Federation, the 1st official edition of the European Gym for Life Challenge and the 11th edition of the teenage Gymnastics for All festival EUROGYM.
It was not only warm but also a dynamic and specteculary week in Liege, with spectacular performances and...

4. Juli 2018
Riccione, ITA
Happy Gymnastics

Gorgeous summer, pure zest for life, creative aesthetics - all these and more are attributes that put the participants of the 14th Festival del Sole 2018   in Italian Adriatic City Riccione in these days almost into a dynamic movement spree and come to the viewer, even when he sees the pictures from the opening day.
In the meantime, this top event of mass sports of general gymnastics and and the diversity of gymnastics disciplines is...

22. Juni 2018
Turku, FIN
Happy Gymnastics

At the 2018 Suomi GYM Festival 2018 in Turku, Finland, the men's group "KadonneetPojat", which means "Lost Boys", was awarded a trip to the 58th BLUME GRAN CANARIA festival after their original appearance. The nine men from the Finnish university city of Jarväskula all belong to the somewhat "mature youth" (50+) and are led and directed by a very sympathetic young lady. On behalf of the Spanish BLUME Organizing Committee, the German BLUME Festival Ambassador Klaus Witte...

9. April 2018
Hiroshima, JPN
Happy Gymnastics

The first FIG World Cup event for Parkour concluded in Hiroshima / Japan on Sunday with the women’s Speed-run and men’s Freestyle final – and with the satisfaction of having proved a huge popular success. Launched as part of a new Japanese leg on the FISE’s Festival of Action Sports circuit, the Parkour competition generated massive public interest.
The city of Hiroshima in Japan welcomed for the first time a FISE World Series stopover, from April 5...