4. Januar 2018
Loutraki, GRE
Happy Gymnastics

Dynamic & powerfull Summer 2019 in Geece

Following the successful premiere in the summer of 2017, the Greek organizers are already advertising for the second edition of their "CosmoGym Summer 4all" Festival, which will take place2019,  from 30 June to 5 July in the Greek city of Loutraki, on the Gulf of Corinth ...

21. Dezember 2017
Berlin, GER / Europe
Happy Gymnastics

The team and partners of the European Gymnastics Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL
wishes all of its business partners, clients and customers,  without those engagement the development of such a gym news system were impossible -
and also all users and friends of gymnastics from nearly 140 countries day by day.

.* The  Team of G...

5. Dezember 2017
Las Palmas de Cran Canaria
Happy Gymnastics

Since 1960, up to now to the 57th edition of the legendary BLUME  FESTIVAL Gran Canaria more and more people worldwide the phantastic unit between spending their free time here on the island of "eternal spring", making holidays and do their hobbies here - from relaxed leisure sports to ambitious shows and events also competitions as an individual, but better in a team of their home clubs!
And this mostly in a season of cool,...

3. Dezember 2017
Gran Canaria, ESP
Happy Gymnastics

Also in 2017 the worldwide interest in active design of holidays, leisure and tourist destinations continued with many international and German gymnastic and gymnastics enthusiasts of all gymnastics disciplines:
Thist opportunity was again the 57th edition of the world-famous and popular "Festival with heart" - the "Festival "BLUME GRAN CANARIA", in memory of the 50's fatally by an aircraft accident killed Spanish gymnastics European champion and national hero Joaquin BLUME, which offered for 12 days...

10. September 2017
Tokyo, JPN
Happy Gymnastics

Taking place from 26-29 September 2017 in Tokyo, the 4th edition of the Ageing Asia Innovation Forum in Japan will be focusing on Sharing the experiences from Japan: Transforming experiences from hyper-ageing Japan to inspire individuals and organisations with actionable ideas. Therefore the organizers of 4th AGEING INNOVATION FORUM 2017 gave the dynamic citizen of Halle (GER) and German ambassador of senior power, Johanna QUAAS, a special invitation to visit this event. So the world's oldest...