9. November 2014

At the 30th Trampoline World Championships 2014 in Daytona Beach, Florida (USA) once again CHINA proved as the most successful nation.
With five of the eight possible World Titles and two further silver medals the Chinese athletes are ranked far ahead of Russia (1 /1 /2) and the host nation USA, which could carve out a complete set of medals.
Although Great Britain once each won gold and silver could not build on its successes as last, but Japan remained this time without any medal.
Canada (- / 3 / -), Belarus (- / 2/2), Portugal (- / - / 1) and Poland (- / - / 1) completed the circle of the seven nations which won the medals of this trampoline highlight of the year ...

8. November 2014

An important milestone in the history of Trampoline Gymnastics, the year 1964 was not only when the International Trampoline Federation (FIT) was created, but also the time of the inaugural Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships.
- a F.I.G. Report

Now, fifty years later, the international Trampoline Gymnastics community is commemorating the early years of the discipline. FIT Honorary Members, authorities of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), former Trampoline World champions and delegation members of the 30th World Championships that conclude Sunday in Daytona Beach (USA) gathered for an anniversary dinner at the Ocean Center Saturday evening.

8. November 2014

Not the Canadian Olympic champion Rosannagh MacLennan, reciting the first three triple somersaults at the beginning, but the young aspiring Chinese LIU, Ling Ling won the Olympic trampoline disciplin of women with significantly better attitude score and 0.5 points ahead. The distance to bronze, the current European champion Hanna Harchonak from Belarus was there already more than one point.
Even China's men with DONG Dong and TU Xiao remained in synchro final extremely cool and also showed with their last exercise their absolute world class. Second place went to Belarus (Kazak / Hancharou) with the now-after all, already 40-year-old Nikolai Kazak. The Japanese Masaki / Ueyama slip with a-synchronous exercise from fourth place, making the duo from Poland (Zakrzewski / Adamczyk) rejoiced in bronze.
High spirits reigned supreme at the men's double mini tramp decision, because behind Mikhail SALOMIN from Russia won the US Boys with Austin White and Austin Nacey silver and bronze ...

7. November 2014

Daytona Beach is well prepared
A total of 45 countries have reported their athletes to the 30th World Championships of Trampoline, Double mini-tramp and Tumbling and the subsequent World Age Group Competitions of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). The competition venue of the Ocean Center of Daytona Beach, the American host city, is well prepared and the first training sessions in Florida are already running, as well as the runners on the beach, enjoying the outer charming with wonderful opportunities, but windy sunny weather ...

5. November 2014
Daytona Beach, USA

From November 07 to 09, in Daytona Beach (Florida / USA) take place the 30th Trampoline World Championships 2014. The World Gymnastics Federation F.I.G. registerd a total of 288 athletes representing 42 different nations: 112 men and 176 women.
They will start in the disciplines of Trampoline Individual (TRA) and -Synchron (SYN) as well as in the discipline Double Mini-Tramp (DMT) and on the Tumbling track (TUM). The latter two categories include the last 40 years. Since this is 2014, a so-called "intermediate Worlds" is, no team titles will be awarded at this time.