19. November 2023
Birmingham, GBR

One week after the 37th Trampoline World Championships 2023, the 30th anniversary competitions, the so-called "World Age Group Competitions" of the World Gymnastics Federation FIG, take place from November 16 to 19 in the Utilita World Championships Arena of Birmingham, Great Britain.
Differentiated by age groups (11-12 years; 13-14 years; 15-16 years), but also as age group 4 (17-21 years) now as the World Junior Championships will be held for the first time.

12. November 2023
Birmingham, GBR

The UK's metropolis of Birmingham hosted gymnasts from all over the world this week for the 37th FIG TRAMPOLIN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, which took place at the Utilita Arena from 9 to 12 November 2023. More than 350 gymnasts from over 41 countries took part in four days of exciting competitions in the disciplines of individual and synchronised trampoline, double mini trampoline (DMT) and tumbling.
<< After a "false start" by the leading trampoline nation China, former...

8. Oktober 2023
Varna, BUL

In the trampoline disciplines (TRA; DMT; TUM), the European Championships in April and the World Championships in Birmingham (November) characterise the Pre-Olympic competition year 2023, as well as a series of five FIG World Cups:
* The start was already made at the end of February with World Cup No. 1, with the "AGF Trophy" in Baku / AZE.
After the European Championships in Guimaraes, Portugal, two more World Cups will follow in July in Portugal (Santarem,...

27. Dezember 2022
Berlin, GER

The team of the European Gymnastics Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL finishes one of  its most successful year and starts now into the 26th year of establishing of this GYMnews label! All our business partners, clients and customers - without those engagement the development of such a gym news system were impossible, and all useres and friends of gymnastics from nearly 100 countries day by day.
Our hearts go out especially to the people of Ukraine and to all...

19. November 2022
Sofia, BUL

After 2013 and 2017, Bulgaria's capital Sofia has now taken over the 36th Trampoline World Championships 2022 for the 3rd time in the last decade, which will take place from November 16 - 19, just a few weeks after hosting the World Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Japan's Mori HIKARU earned two World titles in the space of an hour on the Worlds final day of competition, solidifying her status as one...