07. Oktober 2003  
Vienna / Austria  
Happy Gymnastics

PREVIEW: 20th UEG- Congress, Vienna, Austria

From Thursday to Saturday (Oct. 9th – 11th 2003) the 20th Congress of the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) will be held in the hotel “Wiener Parkhotel Schoenbrunn”.
231 delegates from 43 countries – among them many famous former World and Olympic Champions – will, in addition to the usual “general meeting- topics”, discuss mainly about the following three major topics:
- taking of a decision on new formats for the European Championships which better suit the market
- dealing with the applications for the European Championships until 2007
- election of a new UEG President as Klaus Lotz (GER) after his 10-year long term of office will not be available again

Dimitros Dimitropoulos from Greece, who is the current Vice President, and Manuel Boa de Jesus (currently in the executive committee) from Portugal are the candidates for the position of “European Gymnastics President”. The result of this election is completely open and it is expected to be a neck-and-neck race for the lead of the European Federation which has the most elite athletes, the longest tradition and with more than 10 million active athletes (!) has the largest spread and represents the widest variety with the many gymnastics disciplines.


>> Wednesday, Oct. 10th 2003:
- 9.00 am -7.00 pm: Pre- Meeting of the UEG- Executive Committee

> Thursday, Oct.10th 2003:
- 9.00 am -6.30 pm: Meetings of the Control and Technical Committees as well as work groups in all disciplines;
- 7.00 -8.00 pm: Joint Meeting of the Executive Committees, the Board of Control as well as all TC’s and work groups

> Friday, Oct. 10th 2003:
- 9.00 -10.00 am: Forum of the Presidents of all European Gymnastics Federations
- 10.00 am -1.00 pm: Colloquium
- 03.00 -6.00 pm: General Meeting (1)

>> Saturday, Oct. 10th 2003:
- 9.00 am -6.00 pm: General Meeting (2), Farewell for Klaus Lotz
- from 8.00 pm on: Official Banquet

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