05. Dezember 2017  
Las Palmas de Cran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

BLUME GRAN CANARIA Festival finished with a new record of foreign participation ...!

Since 1960, up to now to the 57th edition of the legendary BLUME  FESTIVAL Gran Canaria more and more people worldwide the phantastic unit between spending their free time here on the island of "eternal spring", making holidays and do their hobbies here - from relaxed leisure sports to ambitious shows and events also competitions as an individual, but better in a team of their home clubs!
And this mostly in a season of cool, even cold weather in large parts of Europe!
So BLUME OC Chief  Jesús Telo Rodriguez was able to enjoy a new record of foreign participants of almost 1,000 guests from altogether 18 different countries as well as over 4,200 active participants in total, because gymnastics disciplines have the Canary Islands are infected in a downright exemplary manner with the special  "BLUME bazilius"  ...!
* ... more on the GYMmedia BLUME website at ►► www.blume-grancanaria.org