20. Oktober 2013  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

All Japanese 'Chacott-Championships 2013'

The Japanese co. "Chacott" is not only a worldwide label for rhythmic gymnastics apparatus, leotards and products, not only a global partner of F.I.G. and supporter of Rhythmic Gymnastics at the GYMmedia portals. Chacott also powered the national Japanese rhythmic gymnastics in Japan, for instance as the title sponsor of the yearly  "All Japanese Junior Championships", which took place last weekend in Tokyo.
<< Sumire KITA from "RG Kagawa Nichu Club" was there the best gymnast in all-around with a distinct advance, scoring 57,450 points. On second place came Akane YOKOYAMA (Hikosen RG Club) with 52,450 points, followed by Ruriko SHIBAYAMA (51,950).

2013 All Japanese Junior Championships (from left): (2) Akana Yokoyama - (1) Sumire Kita - (3) Ruriko Shibayama

Akane YOKOYAMA, 2nd place

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