31. Oktober 2004  
Deventer / NED  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Ukrainian gymnasts dominated 2004 Grand Prix series

Two weeks after the Grand Prix Tournament of Berlin in Deventer (NED) the last tournament of 2004 Grand Prix series took place.
With the today's four final decisions also the total winners of the 2004 Grand Prix series are certain: With hoop and clubs Anna Bessonova (UKR) won in Deventer. She is thereby also winner of series 2004 with these two apparatuses. All Around Champion Natalia Godunko (UKR) won the finals with ball and ribbon and pushed themselves with the ribbon in the Grand Prix total valuation to the winner position. Winner of the series of 2004 with the ball is Inna Shukova (BLR), today 2nd with ball.
As expected olympia winner Russia decided the two group Finals for itself.

Anna Bessonova (UKR) -
Grand Prix winner 2004
with clubs and hoop

Groups, Finale 5 ribbons

1. RUS 25,000
2. POL 22,300
3. FIN 19,000
4, NED 16,650
5. MDA 16,550

Finale 3 Reifen/2Bälle

1. RUS 26,100
2. POL 22,600
3. MDA 19,650
4. FIN 18,850
5. NED 18,600

Natalia Godunko (UKR)