30. Juni 2008  
Lausanne / Switzerland  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Mrs Irina Viner is sanctioned with a warning

Lausanne (SUI) FIG Office, -- A disciplinary procedure was opened on April 20, 2008 against Mrs Irina VINER (RUS), member of the FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee in view of statements which were published in the media after the 2007 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Patras (GRE).

The statements in question could notably damage the image of gymnastics and affect the dignity of judges and affiliated federations.
As such, this could be an infringement of art. 5 of the FIG Code of Discipline.
A hearing of the Disciplinary Commission took place on June 15, already ...
* ... former FIG News, Moutire, June-19:
Possible Sanktions also against Irina Viner ...?

Leaders of the International Gymnastics Federation F.I.G. were considering this week whether to suspend Russia team coach Irina VINER  from its technical commission, which regulates judging and scoring standards at international competitions, but the FIG has no given details of the discipline charges laid against Viner.
Viner - originally from Uzbekistan, but has coached in Moscow since the early 1990s - is a legendary figure in Russian rhythmic gymnastics and coached the overall gold and silver medalists at the 2004 Olympics (Alina Kabaeva and Irina Tchachina).
She and her lawyer attended a two-day disciplinary hearing in Lausanne, Switzerland, .... ... held earlier this week to investigate unspecified breaches in discipline.

In recent times the FIG is also involved in a similar case against the Ukrainian head coach Irina Deriugina*, a technical commission member- who is traditionally Russia's biggest rival for Olympic medals. Deriugina was suspended from official federation duties - though not her coaching role - for eight years in April. Her appeal will be heard in Geneva later this month.
* ... >> GYMmedia News, 2008, May 29

FIG secretary-general Andre Gueisbuhler would not discuss the Viner case when contacted this week.


FIG president Bruno Grandi is leading a four-member panel to consider sanctions against Viner. The decision is scheduled before July 10.
* Source: AP, FIG,

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