01. Februar 2024  
Berlin, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

"GYMfamily" is the hope for the continued existence of GYMmedia

"Since 2019, the European Gymnastics Service ""GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" has been offering its highly frequented GYMmedia platforms to training and competition practitioners and the numerous event organisers of the GYMnastics disciplines for joint use:
! We see such synergy effects as a great opportunity for increased media visibility if we succeed in joining forces in cooperation with the various levels - from associations and clubs to event organisers ("GYMfamily events") as well as business partners and individuals - in the project of a virtual GYM-Community for a bundled and multi-faceted, media and daily updated presentation of the gymnastics, gymnastics and acrobatics disciplines through a joint virtual network!

!!  In the Olympic year 2024, also due to the increased media attention from the athlete selection of Lukas Dauser and Darja Varfolomeev the interest in own active and individual competition activity is increasing again in Germany!.

With the Start der I. GYMfamily-Event Serie 2024, we also want to offer our GYMmedia platforms for more effective popularisation of apparatus gymnastics competitions for all age groups. Initial positive reactions from event organisers are cause for optimism ...:
* Eckhard HERHOLZ,  Editor-in-Chief